Oct 14, 2011

Early morning/Late night spottings

Greetings :)

In some late night cruising some of my favourite sites/blogs I stumbled upon the some intresting photograhers work that is being shocased in the Dossier. With an influx in the amount of people who are quick to label themselves as "photographers" I have found myself quite weary of the discipline. Although I know there are so many people who are doing fantastic things with their cameras and in turn doing a great deal for the credibility of the art form. Respect!

I have also attached some other forms of art featured that intrested me...Give the website a look.

 Lisette Model from The Expressionist Origin

Irina Rozovsky

Amanda Valdez

Skye Parrot

Thought I would share :)

from the creaks of the cottage.xx

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