Oct 14, 2011

Velvet coated memories.

Greetings fella's

The time finally came where I thought it nessasary to use the blog space as a forum to interact and share in all that is culturally related.Here starts an unscripted journey through the realms of culture in pursuit to engage with content and find some form of comfort or escape from the kind of content we find.

As far as i can remember saturday mornings consisted of alot of things for me as a young girl but one prominant memory is passing my older sister's room and hearing Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope album blaring. To this day that album is one of my favorite 90's album and also was a lovely time in the kind of conceptual videos that were created. An organic and unpretentious representation of the artist was depeicted and even those who were cast in the video. Its refreshing looking at these kinds of videos at times more so at a time when our music videos can be just too much.The 90s make me happy and so do the wardrobe choices...at times.Take a look.



 Such classics here.  Gotta love the old Janet Jackson :)

from the creaks of the cottage.xx

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