Oct 29, 2011

Tailored seams of art

Greetings :)
Feel so bad for not posting as regulaly as I  intended to this week. The last week of lectures meant that my life was some what of a mad house. Nontheless, recently I have been quite captivated by the design element that goes into the prodution of clothes.The detail, angles, cut. Not that I see my self creating garments anytime soon but the precision that goes into it is a whole language within itself.  By ensuring the fit of the garment falls in a way that says something about the person wearing it and the aethetic of the designer astounds me a great deal.

Of these images below pay attention to the design of  the garments. Its really such an art within itself.

Rad Haurani S/S 2012 Unisex collection

Rag and Bone S/S 2012

Anna Sui S/S 2012

Calvin Klein S/S 2012 --My favorite in terms of design elements :)

from the creaks of the cottage.xx

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