Oct 25, 2011

This made me smile :)

Greetings :)

Good people I do hope that your week has been treating you well and although things may be getting a  little stressful that you can some relief from the cottage. I stumbled upon an amazing project headed up by a photojournalist by the name of Linda Smith. She had visited Rwanda in 2006 and noticed a sincere intrest that the citizens of Rwanda had for the concept of taking pictures. Children within the communities found it particularly fascinating and therefore inspired a project where children are given the opportunity to capture images that are relevent to them. Entitled  "Through the eyes of hope" the project works to develop the skills of young african children and supply them with the resources to do something creatively stimulating not only for themselves but a greater community. More information is available here :  http://www.eyesofhopeproject.com/about.php and check out their images so honest, so amazing.

Loved it! Below are some of the kids taking images and an advertisment on a project to raise funds for the photography initiative these children are located in Ghana as the project is moving through the borders.

from the creaks of the cottage.xx

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