Feb 27, 2012

Melodies for afternoon tea.

Greetings :)

Upon my late night procrastination sessions of watching some Gossip Girl, I heard such a lovely song as part of the soundtrack show soundtrack. Now before any judgement presents itself you must give this song a its great Its entitled Concrete Wall and its one of those late afternoon kind of jams. Zee Avi , the artist shows promise as an artist as I have been looking into her other works to see whats the buzz.

Quick Bio: 25 Malaysian singer who released her second album Ghostbird which has the song Concrete Wall. She has been working a great deal of festivals and generating a good crowd following and developing her sound from what I can tell.

The song Concrete Wall :) Tell me what you think.

and a little something extra you might like :)


from the creaks of the cottage.xx

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