Apr 30, 2012

A Norwegian treat for the heart.

Greetings :)

This past month I was introduced to such a lovely and  beautiful artist. By the name of, Mikhael Paskalev this musician has come to gain some popularity over the last year or so and I have been bonding with two specific songs. The videos for these songs are also great. His music tends to be defined as indie pop and highly influenced by folk music as you will be able to tell.  His debut album is said to be still in the making. Looking forward to some great work and visual concepts.

I hope these video's make you happy. They really do a lot for my heart.

1) I Spy - A good pick me up song in the month of May :)

2) Susie - This one hear just really makes me happy. Love the simplicity of the video.

from the creaks of the cottage.xx

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